Monday, Monday

Not much new going on around here! Adam and I did join the 21st century and got a new laptop! We are having lots of fun with it. I'm really enjoying the speed this thing has. My ancient desk top was 5 years old! It was slow as Christmas! I also enjoy the fact that I can blog in any room of the house! :)

Camp's really starting to put his paci back in all by himself now. We can hand it to him and he heads straight for his mouth. (everything is going in his mouth these days) It's so fun to watch him grow and learn new things. Last night he almost turned over from his back to his tummy. I gave him a little push once and he seemed so proud of himself. I'm sure he'll be doing that by himself in no time. We are really going to have to watch where we put him now! We switched up his schedule a bit because he was having such a hard time napping longer than 45 minutes. Today was the 4th day of our new schedule and he slept 2 hours straight...no waking up!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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mary caroline said...

woo-hoo for the new laptop!!