Happy 5 Months!

5 months

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He's squealing and talking all of the time.

He loves This Little Piggy.

He loves going outside.

He'll arch his back in a feisty way when he doesn't want to do something. ( sometimes when getting in the car seat, Bumbo, high chair) I'm not writing this because I think it's cute.

If he sees something interesting, he'll turn his body in any direction to see it. Sometimes he'll turn his head upside down when being held!

He's waking up from most naps in a super mood! He'll talk to himself instead of cry!

He loves toys and little blankies.

He still loves holding fingers. If he's ever fussy in the car, I just put my hand back there and he'll play with it or hold on to my fingers.

He's an extremely laid back baby that goes with the flow! He takes great naps, sleeps great at night (we still have the occasional bad night) and is just a happy little fella!

We've noticed that he's starting to get in more of a crawling position when he's on his stomach. I know he's still far away from crawling, but it's just another step in the right direction!

I plan on starting rice cereal this month and start working our way to solids by 6 months. He's VERY interested in what we are eating. I've heard that's a tell tale sign that he's ready. I gave him a little sip of water the other day and he really liked it. I don't think we'll have any problems with the solid food transition!
I love this picture, but Beary was pushed too far to the side to be THE 5 month shot. He totally has Adam's eyes.

Oh my goodness.....look at those little feet crossed and that hand on his leg. He's such a little man!

The main reason that I do this blog is to use it as an online journal for me and Adam. We go back and read what Camp was doing each month or to look at pictures all of the time. I also go back to read about my pregnancy. It seems like it was just yesterday, but I really do forget all of the minor details. :) So humor me.


Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

Lane, that's why we enjoy our blog too! Just this weekend I read my whole blog from when we found out we were pregnant until now. You really do forget those moments so fast huh?

Beth said...

That is exactly why I read your blog too! I love it! I love Camp!

Carrie Anne said...

Agreed! Love the feet crossed :) so precious, can't wait to see him Sunday!

brittany, steve, and gabe said...

that is the best thing about a blog. it is a great memory-keeper! and dont worry, other people (myself included) really enjoy reading about all the little details of precious camp, too. he is becoming such a little man!

Trip said...

I love that picture of him with his feet crossed. He's too cute, I come home on Wednesday I can't wait to see him.

Madison said...

Could Camp possibly be ANY cuter? I love these pictures, especially the one in your title picture!