I'm Happy Because....

This little buddy will be here by the 26th of September.

Adam and I are in the running for an HGTV show....more details to come. :)

Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice flavor out....although I did have a sneak taste test a few weeks ago thanks to Danielle....and then she was "asked" of the whereabouts of the missing Pumpkin Spice syrup bottle. :) Haha!

Fresh Market has their pumpkin loaf now.

Wow, so many things to be happy about! I had my drs. appointment yesterday and little Camper looks great! The ultrasound showed that everything looks perfect! My fluid levels were right where they needed to be and we saw that Camp has lots of hair! We even got to see him take little breaths. The nurse said he's really running out of room and I bet so with his long legs! :) My dr. is going to induce me on the 26th, if he isn't here by then. He is on call that day so he will be the one to deliver. That makes me very happy!

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Initially Yours Monogramming said...

Hey girl~
So happy to see everything is going great...I'll keep checking in on you!