Perfect Birthday

Narnie enjoying the new rug that my mom got me! She also gave me some great sewing scissors, a gift certificate to GAP ( to buy NON MATERNITY clothes) and the high chair we wanted!!!!!

I've had a great 25th birthday! My mom and I went to breakfast and a movie while our house was being cleaned....one of the sweet gifts from my wonderful husband. I came home to a completely clean house and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Adam. Adam's parents got me some very comfy slippers and smell good things to use once Camp gets here and they also got me a great shirt to wear AFTER he's born....no more maternity clothes! Danielle and Sophie came by to bring presents and I was so excited when Danielle said I had one present to open each day before Camp arrives!! It'll definitely give me something to look forward to each day! The one present I could open was a precious changing pad! Adam made us coke floats and we started watching the FSU game. We were planning on going to Bella Bella for dinner, but neither of us were hungry so we decided to put it off until next week so we could really enjoy one of our last dinners out, childless. I've had such a relaxing day of gifts, good food, and phone calls and visits from friends and family.

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