Fall is in the Air!

Adam and I slept with the windows open last night and the AC didn't turn on once! It was so nice! The fresh crisp air was such a treat. I absolutely LOVE this time of year. It just smells like fall outside. It's definitely a nice change after the extremely hot and humid summer we had.

We are now on our third bag of mellowcreme pumpkins. I love these things! I have all of these cravings for anything pumpkin and I can't seem to find canned pumpkin in the stores! I guess it's seasonal, but it should definitely be out by now! I'm ready to make pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies! I'm hoping with this cool weather, it'll be out very soon.

So is everyone excited for Camp to make his debut?! In 48 hours I will be holding my precious little buddy and I can't wait. I'm so excited and nervous. It's just so surreal. Adam said that he can barely focus on work because he's so excited. Tonight is our last night at home without a baby and I just can't believe it. I really hope that I get a good nights rest. It'll be the last opportunity for a very long time. Ahhh!! Keep the three of us in your thoughts and prayers and I'll make sure to post pictures as soon as possible! I plan on us coming home from the hospital on Sunday.


dorian0724 said...

Yeah for Fall! I bought canned pumpkin yesterday at Publix it was by the canned fruits, which i thought was odd??

Hope you are feeling good! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

The Gunters said...

Well I will have to look again! I looked in canned veggies, baking AND canned fruits! Crazy, crazy. I'll probably just have to check another Publix too.

Initially Yours Monogramming said...

Thinking of you! Love, Summer

Beth said...


Harris Family said...

So I just saw on your facebook that someone commented about your blog, so I went and found it...naturally! Yeah for blogs! Hope you don't mind me snooping in your life...feel free to look at mine!