Nursery Progress & A Cute Blanket!

Here is a picture of the twin bed in Camp's nursery. That side of his room is complete! I'm still working on something to go over his crib (well I haven't started yet). And we are also getting a glider from the Meyer family. I did another load of laundry last night filled with Camp's new outfits, blankets, towels, and socks from the last shower. I just need to find places for it all and I think I'll be set with his laundry situation....until he gets here! I'm thinking that I'll also need to change his crib sheet one more time before he arrives because it's already been sitting on there for a month and a half!! Can't believe there are 4 weeks until his due date! Maybe he'll be like his Mama and come 3 weeks early....so maybe only 1 more week to go?! :) I'm just going to prepare for an early arrival so I can be extra prepared....if that's even possible.

Danielle and I have been taking on fun sewing projects each week. Last week were shoes and this week was appliques! Well we both still only have one shoe complete, but our appliques are finished....not pretty, but finished! I washed the blanket last night and it looks a lot better than it does in this picture. I'm proud of ourselves because I think we are taking on difficult projects as beginners. I know we will just get better with practice!


micah, danielle, sophie, and angus said...

it is looking so cute! I can't believe he will be here this month!!

Initially Yours Monogramming said...

Look at your and your cute applique....I am going to have to hire you and Danielle.... :)

Talk to you soon, Summer

Beth said...

EEEK how cute! I can't wait to hold him in the glider...if anyone can ever pry him from your arms ;)

On a side note- I am cutting coupons now and LOVE IT. I even got my roomies hooked! You're my inspiration.