My Latest Project

It's a wet bag! So when Camp has little diaper accidents or drools too much, I can put the messy clothes/diapers in this bag! It's lined with a waterproof vinyl fabric. Danielle and I got together today for our weekly sewing session and cranked these suckers out. We think that this project is probably the most useful and we are both very pleased with our finished products!

Well, I guess the whole full moon thing has come and gone. Shucks. I really thought he might be here by now, but now I'm thinking he will wait until the 26th. Lets just hope he doesn't decide to come on my birthday!!

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brittany, steve, and gabe said...

oh my gosh! next time i am in town, i am totally making you and danielle (or at least danielle, as you may be a little on the busy side!!) teach me how to make one of these! i have one that i bought and i use it all the time.