lake rabun 2013

We took our annual trip to Lake Rabun in the middle of July. Ahhh...what a glorious time we had! Our trip was filled with lots of swimming, boating, eating, drinking, relaxing, and bonding! :) We had such a nice trip.

Happy boys at the lake!

This was Collins's usual reaction while he was on the boat. Pure relaxation! 

Camper was a fishing machine! He would go into the boat house, bait his own hook and catch fish all by himself.

Camp begged to go tubing the whole time we were at the lake...we finally hooked the tube up to the boat and Camp LOVED tubing! I was so shocked. 

Such a FUN trip!!! So happy we've discovered this special place! Can't wait for next year!


Carrie Anne said...

Ahhhh I wanna go back like right NOW! So fun!

yaya said...

ahhhhhhh,,,,, my happy place!!!I could stay a lllooonnngggg time....cant wait to plan another great trip!!