first day of pre-k

Our big boy started pre-k this week! We are so excited because Camp's teacher was actually Adam's teacher some twenty six years ago! :) 

Camp's show and tell day is every Tuesday. This week he was supposed to bring in something red. He chose his Lightning McQueen bike helmet and a red Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

He quickly made himself at home at the Lego table. He has some sweet friends in his class and I'm looking forward to a great year with lots of learning!! 

pictures from orientation on Monday...
Meeting Peanut
caution- he nibbles on fingers! :)

enjoying some computer time...

Collins was LOVING Camp's new classroom...he should have no problem adjusting to preschool next year!!

Dinner at Rummy's (with extra quarters to play the new deer hunting game) and dessert at Nuberri topped off a wonderful first day of school!!

Here's to a great school year!!


Bebe said...

Yay for PreK!
What, no red caladium for show and tell?!?

Carrie Anne said...

I LOVE the first day of school. So exciting!! Cannot believe he is in PRE-K... he is going to have the best year! He has his Auntie CA's teacher, too :) She is the sweetest lady ever! So special!