16 months

Collins has five teeth...two at the top (we call those his mater teeth because he has the cutest gap between them) and three on the bottom. 

Collins is such a funny baby! He already does things to try and make us laugh. His favorite is walking backwards...or doing the moonwalk as we like to call it! :) 

He just learned how to climb up in the play house. He tries to climb on EVERYTHING...the couch, chairs, his ride on toys...ahhhh makes me a nervous wreck!

He says hot (his first word!) when he sees a candle or something cooking. He also says deer and uh oh. 

He LOVES watching the crew do the yard. He'll stare out the window and just watch them contently. He's really into lawn mowers, blowers, and really all lawn equipment! :)

He loves to go outside and we can't even say the word unless we really are planning on going outside. 

I took his lollipop from him so I could take the picture and he really wanted it back! :) The child loves lollipops! I found a big bag of organic lollipops made with fruit juice so I don't feel quite so bad giving in to him when he wants one!

He's loving the baby food in the squeeze packs because he can feed himself. He drinks them in no time flat! He also loves cheese and watermelon. He's becoming a dipper and loves to dip things in ketchup, dressing, etc. :)

He can now eat his food with a fork like such a big boy!! He's so proud of himself!

He's wearing size 18 months clothes and a size 4 diaper. 

He still naps twice a day, once in the morning around 10:30 and once in the afternoon around 2:30...bedtime is around 8pm and he sleeps in until 8am. This morning he slept in until 9:30!! :)


yaya said...

when did our lil nugget get so big!!! love that sweet lil man!!!happy birthday mater!!

Bebe said...

Sweetness just gets sweeter and sweeter!

Ivy said...

I just love these pictures! He really has grown so fast. You have been so blessed with the best sleepers :)