is it really august?

Wow! I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month! We've had a fun filled and busy summer! I have a lot of pictures I need to share, but I'm having a hard time finding the time to actually sit down and do that! ;)
School starts in TWO weeks and I have mixed emotions. I've enjoyed our summer, but I always look forward to a better routine. I'm not pulling my hair out yet so I feel like we've had a good balance of  camps/vbs/vacations and free time! :) 

These sweet boys of ours are getting so big and cute. Today while driving in the car, Collins pointed to a pond that we were passing and Camp said, "Collins, can you say POND? That's a POND" :) Camp and Collins have been having lots of fun together lately and Camp will count down the minutes until Collinsy's naps are over. They are the sweetest buddies!

On a trip to Lake Ella to feed the ducks and get a snow ball!

Stay tuned for pics from our fabulous lake trip to Lake Rabun and Collins's 16 month pictures!


Bebe said...

Oh, summer time fun! Enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer. So excited to see my boys!!

yaya said...

it has been a great summer! it went toooo fast though.....love those sweet boys.