halloween 2012

 I could eat these boys up with a spoon...they were the cutest little pirates. I want to do a theme for their costumes as long as possible. :) 

We got Camp's costume at Disney Store online...he'd been eyeing the Captain Hook costume for some time! I'd originally planned for Collins to be Peter Pan, but I thought Mr. Smee would be even cuter. Plus, my boys need to be buds, not enemies! :) Ha!! Collins's Smee costume was fun to put together. We had the red stocking cap and blue pants from Camp. I fount the brand new brown sandals at Kids Pointe and the blue and white striped onesie at Target. I thought it turned out perfectly!! 

The four of us trick or treated on our street...it was just enough for Camp and he got plenty of candy. We decided that since Halloween was on a Wednesday, we'd skip out on our hayride. Camp was really sad his friends weren't there to trick or treat with him! Next year, it's on! :) 

Collins had a treat bag too...some people would say "oh the baby doesn't eat candy, does he?" and I'd reply, "no, but his Mama does!!" :) Adam and I had fun going through Camp's candy (with permission from Camp) and picking out a few of our faves...we both decided that 100 Grand is one underrated candy bar! It was a great evening and so fun to dress up two little boys! 

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yaya said...

love love love the costumes!!! mr smee it the best side kick ever!!!and capt. hooks mustache is the only mustache i have ever liked!!