last minute trip & a little baking

Last Thursday, the boys and I headed down to the beach for a quick visit. Nina was there with Aunt Vicki & Papa. We were all thankful she was well enough to make the long trip and enjoy one of her favorite places...the Byrdnest! 
Nina hadn't met Collins yet!

Collins was so sweet and calm and let Nina hold him.

He seemed to be pretty smitten with her!

Aunt Vicki & Collins

Sweet Camper hugging Nina.

Camp got to ride up and down the hallway in Nina's wheelchair. He thought it was pretty cool. He said he was just like Hadley...a sweet friend of his who broke her leg a couple of months ago.

The other night, Camp asked me if we could make cookies...how could I turn down that request? We happened to have all of the ingredients for pumpkin cookies! 

After we made the cookie dough, Camp created his own concoction of baking powder, cinnamon and milk...I almost stopped him as he was using up my full bottle of cinnamon and pouring the last of the baking powder, but I just couldn't say no to his imaginative baking session!

He stood on his chair forever just mixing, pouring, and having fun! :) I can buy more cinnamon! 


Carrie Anne said...

So fun! Camper has ALWAYS been the best helper when I bake goodies at Yaya and Bop Bop's! <3

Bebe said...

Glad Nina got to meet her littlest great-grandson! Wish I had some of Camp's pumpkin cookies right about now...

yaya said...

So glad Nina got some sweet time with the little buddy .She looks so happy! save us some of those yummy camp cookies!!