From the Phone

Random pictures from my phone...

Last night, one of the sweet boys (Mason) from our neighborhood came over and gave Camp all of his old toys. When he knocked on the door, Camp was sooo excited to see him! He ran out to the front porch and started hugging Mason and then looked at me and told me to close the door! He wanted to go outside and play!
Camp had a blast going through the bags that Mason brought over.
He immediately put on the hard hat and started inspecting his bug catching kit!

He loves the rake and tries to rake everything in sight! He also got a shovel, a police car, a football and a soccer ball! We were all excited about his new loot!

On Wednesday, Camp and I went to Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery to give them another shot. You might remember when we tried them a year ago...we weren't all that impressed. We are huge fans of the Cake Shop and rarely do we come across anything that's comparable. Well, I'm happy to report that the cupcakes were pretty darn good! A LOT better than the last time we tried their cupcakes. We will definitely go back and I wouldn't mind one of their cupcakes right now!
While I ordered the cupcakes, Camp sat in the nice comfy chair!

I got Camp a plain vanilla (not pictured...he ate it way too quickly!)
The cupcake with the straw was called Coke Float...YUM! And the bottom cupcake is chocolate and peanut butter.

Camp being silly!

At the shop...his favorite place in the world!

Camp loves coffee! He expects to get Starbucks every time we go to Target. We order an iced decaf cinnamon dolce latte and he drinks most of it himself!

I can't believe he ever fit in that thing!

We spent the morning with Mamaw last weekend. Camp had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

What a treat to have Lane and Camp come for a visit last Saturday AM.
Camp had a good time playing with old toys his "dada", "Cu-cake", and
"Day" used to play with. Especially the truck and tractor. Also, the 'Ol' Cars" and stuff in Pa-Paw's office and the cow statue & windmill outside.
I loved every minute!
COME BACK SOON! Love ya, MaMaw

Uncle Trip said...

Do the "Mountain trip" blog already! I wanna see the pics.