Good Finds

Wow, July has come and gone and it’s now August!! Where has the summer gone? We have a contract on a new house and we are hoping to close in a couple of weeks. Paper work, appointments, and the daunting task of packing up the house have taken up most of our time! :) We are so excited, though, and have our fingers crossed that things continue to move forward!

We also have a family mountain trip coming up! We’ve been waiting all summer to go and I can’t believe it’s almost here!

I recently discovered these tortilla chips. They are the tastiest things ever! They can be found in the organic section at Publix and they are the closest thing to authentic tortilla chips that we've ever had! Please try a bag for yourself!

And this is our favorite store bought salsa! We used to buy this all of the time, but there was about a three year span where I couldn't find this salsa ANYWHERE. It's magically back on the shelves and it's so good! Adam's the pickiest salsa eater...can't be sweet in the slightest! And this Tostitos Restaurant Style is DIVINE!

Camp didn't think the wooden hammer that goes with this toy would get the job done so he brought in the real deal! (Actually, I think I've already packed up the hammer that goes with this toy! :) )

Lollipop boy!

Camp continues to amaze us everyday! I can’t even begin to list all of the new things that he says and does. One of the most exciting is that he’s been going poo poo on the potty!! Out of the blue last Thursday night, he told me he had to go, so we went in to the bathroom and viola! I couldn’t believe it! He is soooo proud of himself and continues to do it every single night. I really wasn’t planning on potty training for another year or so, but he seems to be extremely interested. I think after our mountain trip I will get serious about it. We will see! Thank goodness our new house has NO carpet! :)
Oh and another cute thing is that he’ll say “Hold You” when he wants to be held! I love that.

He also just started asking to sleep with his “ight” on at night. Bless his heart!
New Words:

Uncle Trip- Chi

Uncle Dave- Day

Water- Wawa

Milk- Moonk

Boo Boo – Mo Mo ( he still looooves to search out our Boo Boo’s and kiss them)


CA said...

Love his little John-John with the crabs on it! Have I seen that? And OMG I can't wait for the Mountain trip either!!! I'm getting really excited!! :)

brittany, steve, gabe and ezra said...

gabe says "hold him" when he wants to be picked up! so funny how they make up their own way of speaking!

The Smith Family said...

Those chips look yummy!! Thats great news on the new house! where is it?

Audrey said...

hey lane, thanks for commenting on jen's engagement pics on my blog! I love the feedback from a fellow photog. :) your little boy is so handsome and I can't wait to see what you guys do with a new house! good luck!