Cupcake Date

Mary, Holly, Sally Kate, Camp, and I headed to Tallahassee's newest cupcake shop.
Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery features a cupcake only menu.
Some of the featured flavors were margarita, chocolate peanut butter, and red velvet.
Of course I got a box of each flavor to bring home.
I had to taste test them all...that's what I do!
I enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter at the bakery and would have to give it about a B-.
The icing was YUM-O.....but the chocolate cake? Not so much.
Adam and I had the red velvet this evening and I was even less impressed. Red velvet is usually my favorite. Adam said I could make a better cupcake. (yay for me, but not for the cupcakery!)
I feel like if you are going to only sell cupcakes, you need to blow your consumers out of the water....it needs to be the best cupcake anyone has ever tasted!
I'd like to think that they're still working the kinks out during their first week of business, but I have to say that The Cake Shop is still the queen of cupcakes.
It's hard to improve on perfection.....

Lucy & Leo's decor is absolutely adorable.
This colorful upholstered sofa and aqua walls made for a great photo op.

*Update* Adam and I enjoyed a carrot cupcake this morning and we both thought it was pretty darn good....there is hope! :)


the heller family said...

Love the new header and the kids look adorable on that couch. They look like you dressed them to sit there. Hard to beat Cake Shop!

Lauren said...

You need a Camicakes in Tallahassee...they are the King of the Cupcake!