Three Times the Fun & More

Last Saturday, we headed to Hadley, Carson, & Reese's first birthday party. It was so adorable. Everything pink and green and just precious! I took the cutest picture of the three of them in the grass and I'm about to cry because somehow, I deleted it....ughh....it was so cute!

Beautiful flowers by Mary!

The food table....I ate probably 6 of those whale cookies!
I really want this table cloth in green....

Sandy Stone  made the birthday cake and it was so tasty! She also made our wedding cake and I don't think I've had one of her yummy creations since our wedding!

Camp spotted the car right away. And at this party, he did a better job at sharing! :)

Happy Birthday Hadley, Carson, & Reese! And congrats Rian & Chris for a successful first year!!


We went to the dermatologist on Monday and were given two prescription creams and Camp's rash looks almost 100% better.....and the best news is that the dermatologist said he didn't think it was allergies! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! He said it could have just been the acidic foods irritating the rash and making it worse. I'm so thankful for that. We go back in three weeks and I'm hoping it's completely gone by then.

The other day I searched high and low for the dvd remote and finally found it along with some other items! This is the basket under Camp's stroller. The stroller has become his favorite lately.
He even watches TV in it....
He asks to sit in it to watch his movies. He usually wants a drink to put in the cup holder as well.

Camp has become a little parrot these days. He repeats almost everything we say! One of his new words this week is bubble gum, which sounds more like agubble gum. But it's sooooooooooooo cute to hear him say it.
He's become even more obsessed with Cars and we watch it at least twice a day. His favorite character is definitely Mater....he smiles every time Mater makes his first appearance in the movie. He also says "ca chow" now too...if you've ever seen Cars, you know what I'm talking about. :)

Our Hydrangeas are in full bloom. It makes me so happy to go outside and see so many beautiful blooms! Oh how I love Hydrangeas!

I can't even believe that it's already Friday! Where has the week gone? I plan on taking "real" pictures of Camp this weekend. I've been wanting to do them for some time now, but haven't had the time. And honestly, that rash around his mouth wouldn't have made for the best pictures. :)


The Smith Family said...
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The Smith Family said...

Camp is just precious!! Love how he sits in his stroller, Davis screams when I put him in his...maybe he'll grow to love it like camp does!
I just planted some hydrangeas, I'm hoping I get a few blooms!

Trip Webb said...

I cant want to see my little buddy! We have to hit some Chickfila tomorrow, I'm craving it.

Mama Byrd said...

Looks like everyone had a "whale" of a time at the triplets party hehe.... Mary's flowers were wonderful, as usual. Glad I got to see Camp's Cars fascination first hand. So cute!

YA YA said...

wonderful pic's!! I love Camp at the drive in! OH...how many whales???

Amy Wells said...

The Wells LOVE that Vineyard Vines cake!! Too cute!! But what do we love even more? Camp's "man chair" of a stroller....cup holder and all! Hilarious!