We've had a great week and weekend filled with lots of celebrations!
We started out Thursday night at the Edenfield's for an early Cinco de Mayo fiesta with the Campbells, Meadows, & Radcliffe-Micas. :)
Holly entertained us with her awesome dance moves and Camp was sure impressed!

Look at that form!!

Saturday was time for this sweet girl's 1st birthday party!
Avery looked so cute in her birthday outfit!

Everything was so cute and yummy! The little details were amazing.

Camp quickly spotted this bubble car and did not want to share with anyone....not even the birthday girl! It was actually quite nice because it kept him confined. :)

Sweet Mollie & Adalynn.

Hey look, it's Carlos!

Adorable Carson

Time for birthday cake!

Cute little family.....Grady, Avery, & Sidney

Camp and Sally Kate loved the bounce house!

Babies, babies, everywhere!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Camp's saying "GIRLS, get out of my car!"

After recovering from Avery's birthday, we had a few people over for the Kentucky Derby.

David making mint juleps...I took one smell of the drinks and couldn't do it.....I'm not a bourbon girl.

The mint julep haters of the group.... :)

They sure look pretty in those glasses though!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Heather said...

All of my Tallahassee favorites in one single post! I might have laughed out loud RE: the Holly dance photos :)


Carrie Anne said...

oh my goodness...look at all those precious babies!!! i want them all!! :) so cute. and i'm not a fan of the mint juleps either...they sound so nice and refreshing but...bleh!

Maureen said...

Haha... I stumbled across your blog via Mary's... That picture of Holly is so Holly!! Cracks me up!! You have such a beautiful family!