20 Months

20 months sounds so old! So close to TWO. Ohhh man!
This is the first picture on my memory card....I have issues with deleting my pictures! :) This was from Camp's first birthday. It's weird to move from the last picture to the first and see such a difference!
Oh how I love this little boy.
Last night, Adam and I went in to Camp's room to watch him sleep. He looked like such a big boy laying in his crib. Twenty months has gone by way too fast!



A few fun things about Camp at 20 months:

Repeats almost everything we say....he's learning new words daily! His cutest new word is mail man. He sees the mail man drive by and he'll scream "melman!"  

His favorite movies are Cars & Shrek.

Loves to hold hands especially while we are in the car. He'll say "mama" and hold his hands together and that means he wants to hold my hand. I love it so much!

He still loves for us to kiss his boo boos. The other day I heard a bang, then Camp came up to me lifting up his foot and making a kissing sound. :) Of course it's all better after I kiss it. He likes to kiss our boo boos too!

 I've never officially announced this on the blog, but he's a LEFTY!! :) We've assumed for a loooonng long time, but it's definite! Bop Bop is also a lefty so he'll have to teach Camp how to play baseball and shoot a gun.

He's been doing this for a while, but he can respond yes or no to questions. This makes life so much easier!! Although I know it will probably get old, I love when he says no. Today he was playing with a toy that said "can you find the green circle?" and Camp said "no!" :)

I've always counted stairs every time we go up and down them so now when we do he says "two, two, two"

I love that he notices things that I don't notice! We'll be out at a store and he'll see Goldfish and he'll start making his fish face, or he'll see a dog on something.....he notices the littlest details.

He tries to make us laugh and it always works!

Camp correlates most things to Bop Bop.....he'll see the CCLC logo, a truck, a wagon, boots, a phone, eye glasses, La Hacienda, etc and he'll say "Bop Bop".

He's wearing a size 4 diaper, 24 months size clothes,  and 6-6.5 size shoe.

He's the sweetest little boy and he also keeps us on our toes! I love his personality and his spunkiness.
Happy 20 months, little buddy!!


Ivy said...

He looks so grown up! So handsome:)

The Johnsons said...

I have the same issue with erasing photos whenever I have to I make my husband back all of them up on an external harddrive we keep in the safe.
I love the black and white one!!!

Mama Byrd said...

Sweetest boy!! Like a little sponge, just taking it all in.

Oh the wonder and magic of a mother's kiss on a boo boo! You would come running holding hurt parts aloft yelling, "Kiss it, kiss it!" And when said part was properly kissed you would skip out of the room, healed!!