Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

I was planning on combining this post with our week and weekend events, but there are so many cute pictures that it needed to be in a post all by itself!!
We went to Barrett's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday and had an absolute blast! Barrett is Julie's (Adam's 1st cousin) son.....sooo that would make Camp and Barrett cousins too, but I'm not quite sure if they are 2nd or 3rd cousins....that always confuses me. Camp and Barrett are 17 months apart and with each passing month, their age gap seems to get smaller and smaller. They are the cutest little things and I'm so happy that Camp has a cousin so close in age.....especially a boy cousin since most of Camp's friends are girls!

Here are Barrett and Camp Thanksgiving 08....Barrett was 19 months and Camp was 2 months!

Here they are now! Camp's 19 months and Barrett is 3 years old!
Barrett's all smiles and Camp's holding on for dear life! This was the first "ride" of the night so Camp was still a little leery.

It didn't take long for Camp to warm up to the awesomeness that is Chuck E. Cheese. I haven't been to CEC in probably 13 years, but I was so impressed! It was surprisingly very clean, the food was yummy, and the best part was that we almost had the whole place to ourselves! Julie was smart for planning the party on a Wednesday night.....I can't even imagine going on a Saturday! :)

This little ride was so cool. The seat moved and they watched a movie that made them feel like they were flying. I thought this would scare Camp, but it was one of his favorites. It was so funny to see their little heads shaking from the vibrations!

The best part was being able to watch their faces on the tv!

Camp was in love....a tractor....

and a bulldozer!

Then we made our way to the party area and Camp wasn't quite as happy. He was absolutely petrified of the dancing animals on stage. I have NEVER seen him act this way before. He clutched on to me so tightly and would not let go. We had to sit at the very last chair so we were as far as possible from them!

Daddy's arms and a fountain drink calmed him down.....just a bit!

We moved on to the "big kid" side and Camp (and Adam!) had lots of fun playing the driving games.

Then it was time for cake and those dreaded singing animals were close again!

Look at this poor baby clutching on to his daddy's shirt!

Big 3 year old boy blowing out his candles!

Opening our gift! A bubble gun....

and this adorable shirt!

From this fantastic etsy shop!

Before we left, Camp took one last trip down the slide and I promised him we'd be back very soon! I told Adam that our next date night should be at Chuck E. Cheese, but he didn't quite agree with me! :)

Happy Birthday Barrett and thanks Keith and Julie for hosting a great party!


Anonymous said...

i don't blame camp for being scared of the mechanical singing animals...those things are freaky! i didn't like them when i was young either

Traci said...

Haha! Camp was so full of expressions in those pictures. I loved the picture of them on video and the one of him hanging onto you for dear life.

Mama Byrd said...

I don't think his mama was overly thrilled with that kind of thing either... It shows extreme intelligence, in my opinion! Happy Birthday, Barrett!!

CA said...

awwwwww....what a fun post...how sweet are those pics of camp and barrett together!? glad ya'll had fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Cute pictures!