A Little Less Talk.....

I have lots of pictures to share from the past week so I'll let them do most of the talking!

We had a play date with Bailey last Wednesday....Camp and Bailey are exactly two weeks apart! He's the older one!

Friday morning we headed to preschool to help Bop Bop plant flowers for YaYa's class! (Adam's mom fka Lollie is now Yaya thanks to Camp!)

Camp loves visiting preschool!

Friday afternoon, Linse Lane came over to play for a bit...then we picked up the Meyer boys from big school and played at their house for a few hours. They are always such a joy to be around. They love Camp so much and were all so helpful! I miss them so!

Chick-fil-A lunch on Saturday....

He spilled apple juice on his outfit....

"where did it go?!"

Saturday afternoon playdate with SK at the Glendale park....

A little kissy kissy action!

How cute is this?!

wild and free!

On Sunday we headed east to the Brewin's house to meet and take pictures of baby Bentley!

She was born April 9th and is soooo sweet!

The Brewins live on the St. Mary's river and have the perfect little setup! We had fun spending the day on the beach!

Camp watched Veggie Tales videos while he ate his breakfast this morning.

Then we headed to Baby Time and lunch with Rian, Carson, Hadley, & Reese!
All four munchkins were surprisingly very well behaved! We got a lot of looks and comments and I can only imagine that Rian goes through that every time she leaves the house. :) We had such a great time and hope to do it again real soon!!


mary caroline said...

finally! well done. Sk...always in her jazz split :)

Mama Byrd said...

OMG... are they triplets? J/K.
Love the kissy kissy pics. Looks like Camp initiated and SK went back for more! And so glad to see precious Bailey. She looks like her mama!

YAYA!! said...

That sweet boy is all about the ladies!!!!Love his bare behind at the river!!!and the look he has with the triplets is priceless...oh my goodness!!Miss Bentley is adorable...great pics!!!

The Smith Family said...

Love all his little jon jons!!