19 Months and 1 Day

I'm a day late in posting, but these pictures were taken on his real 19 month birthday! I took them right after he woke up from a three hour nap so he looks a little sleepy, but precious nonetheless!

He sees food at the grocery store, on tv, in books, etc and says “mmmmm!”

Covers his mouth and grins when something is exciting/funny, etc.

Loves pizza and can hold a whole piece to eat it. He prefers to have all of his food whole rather than in little pieces.

Refers to all animals by their sounds.

Still has an extreme love of trucks, tractors, and new this month.....trains! He sees trains and says "choo choo!".

Can cry like a baby when asked what the baby says and when he sees them he says “awww”.

Loves to cuddle and is very lovey.

Lollie is now Yaya and he calls Mama Byrd, Mama.

When he wakes up from naps and in the morning he calls out “mama!” “dada!”. Adam and I absolutely love this!

Every time we pull up to Publix he says “truck!”…the kid has a memory like a steel trap! Thank goodness I found a Publix that has compact truck carts that are just easy to maneuver as the regular carts!

New words this month- No, All Done, Yeah, Wow, Yaya.

He only has his uh oh at bedtime. I wasn’t planning on taking it away this early, but he has a rash around his mouth that I’m thinking is caused by his paci. He has done quite well and if you know how much the kid loves his uh oh, you should be impressed!

He still loves books. His favorite this month is Tractor, Tractor from the library. We’ve had to renew it once already and I don’t see us returning this book any time soon. He also likes to sleep with his books.

Every time we go to Target or Wal Mart, we hit up the toy section to play with all of the toys. He just started pointing his finger to his mouth and saying ‘hmmmm?” when we get to the toy aisle like he's trying to figure out what to play with next!

Favorite foods this month- Tomatoes, strawberries, & cheese.

He still wears a size 4 diaper and 18-24 month clothes. He's actually still fitting in some clothes from last summer!

A few hours after we took pictures with Beary, Camp went into his room, climbed up on  his bed (yes, he can do that now along with our bed as well!) and sat up against the pillow next to Beary. I asked if he wanted to take pictures with Beary and he said "YAHHHHHH!". Sweet boy.

Camp is growing into such a sweet, loving, and funny little boy. He's always been the best baby and it makes me so happy that he's continuing to be a wonderful toddler too! We love our little buddy!


Amy Wells said...

I can't believe how big he is! Soooo cute! I love that he hollers at you and Adam in the morning! A friend of mine has a son a few months older than Camp, and she says that he does the same thing, except he yells to them "Get up! Get up!" Haha!

The Johnsons said...

I think thats she cute that he sees babies and says awww. Also I was a pediatric dental assistant and we say the rash from pacis a lot your assumption is probably correct.

Shannon, EJ, Gabe and Hannah said...

We love the rocket ship carts, they are so much easier to maneuver then some of those car carts!! I'm glad to see you all are doing so well!

Auntie Carrie Anne said...

love love loveeeeeee :)

The Johnsons said...

That was supposed to say "so cute" not she cute, mushy tired brain equals bad typing.