Beach Baby

We made our first beach trip of the year this past weekend. It was the first vacation that the three of us have taken together alone. We’ve taken lots of trips with friends and family, but this time it was just the three of us. It was so special and fun! We arrived Friday night and Camp was so excited to explore the beach house. We hadn’t been to the Lion’s Paw since the 4th of July! 

Saturday was overcast and extremely windy….like hurricane force winds! Adam spent some time out in the yard pulling weeds and the rest of the day we spent inside enjoying these bad boys!
Adam makes the tastiest margaritas!

We woke up early Sunday morning to a horrendous lightning storm and no electricity! Thankfully, Gulf Power was with it and the power came back on an hour later. Sunday quickly turned into a gorgeous day and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and hit the beach. 

 Camp loved the beach!
He was a little skeptical of the water, but it was so extremely rough that I couldn't blame him!

We let Camp wander by himself down the beach a bit and he thought it was the best thing ever. I don’t think he’s ever had that much space to run around free!! There weren’t many people on the beach so it was perfect for him to explore. He enjoyed the tide pools and watching the birds fly by. 

Adam did a little surf fishing and Camp loved watching Adam reel the fish in.

Every time Adam caught a fish, Camp would go right up to it and make his fish face.

Camp would also get upset when we had to throw the fish back in the ocean!

 We are looking forward to the summer beach season and can't wait to take Camp out on the boat this year. We had all intentions of taking him for a boat ride this trip, but the weather just did not cooperate.
 Thank you Bop Bop and Yaya for sharing the Lion's Paw with us!


mary caroline said...

love the b/w pic of CBG!! that's frame worthy :)

CA said...

Precious! That black and white picture of Camp is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot WAIT to go to the beach with everyone this summer! And for Camper's first boatride :)

YaYa said...

sign me up for a copy of the b&w photo of camp to frame for the beach! sooo glad ya'll got to have a family weekend!!!love the pics of my boy fishing!xoxo

Mama Byrd said...

Beach Baby, Beach Baby, Give me your hand! Can hardly wait to see him frolic this summer!