Naps Just Got A Little More Interesting....

Right now, this munchkin looks just like this....minus the smile on his face.
He's not a Happy Camper.
Now that he can stand up, he doesn't want to lay back down......and he doesn't want to take a nap!

Sweet Camper has always been the best sleepy time baby. Since he was two months old, you could put him down in his bed and he would go right to sleep.
This is only the first nap since the new found talent so I'm hoping he doesn't do this for long.


Jessica said...

Paige began to pull down all the pictures around her crib once she could stand up. Enjoy the climbing stage. Nothing is out of reach then!

Anonymous said...

Bad news for you Sweetie, this is the beginning of the end. The day Reed said "no more naps Mommy" was one of the saddest days of my life!
Love, Donna

Madison said...

I am listening to Moose whine (while standing) in his crib at this very moment. *Sigh*

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK- I'm here to give you hope. Just stick it out. My kiddos are almost 4 and almost 2 (as you know) and both are still great nappers. Mainly because it's not an option. For O, we call it quiet time, but he usually goes right to sleep. Just keep doing what you're doing.
When they learned to stand and couldn't get back down, I just kept walking in and laying them down and walking out. It's like starting from scratch for a while, but then they learned how to get down.
You can do it!! And give that Camp-er a hug!

Mama Byrd said...

I agree with Hillary. Once he learns to get himself back down and the novelty wears off about pulling himself up he'll work right back into his little routine. BTW, love the new header!