Weekend at the River

We spent the weekend at the river.
We went to visit Dave & Kelly Brewin. Dave's family has a river cabin on the Sante Fe.
Dave and Adam met in college and have stayed in close touch throughout the years. The four of us usually get together a couple of times a year for little vacations. This year, Camp was added to the mix! We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again very soon. Adam's now trying to find a way for us to move to a river.....

I loved this sign....
Dave's grandfather was in the dog house....Kelly said he's been in the dog house for quite some time!

Saturday morning brought lots of rain and thunder, but we enjoyed the deck and beautiful scenery.

Around 1pm on Saturday, the sun started shining through the clouds. The boys went on a quick fishing trip and the girls were able to catch some rays while Camp napped. Camp woke up just as the boys came back and we all went out on the boat for a little cruise.

Camp LOVED the boat.......LOVED IT! We were so proud of him.
We were so proud of him the entire weekend. Adam and I discussed that after spending the weekend with Camp, Dave and Kelly would either want children or say no way to kids!!
At dinner Sunday night, Dave and Kelly were asking us if they could just have Camp. We said he wasn't for sale!

We took the boat up to the Ichetucknee River (I just realized this weekend that it wasn't Ichnetucknee.....I've been mispronouncing it for years!) We saw lots of tubers and a few boats.

Dave and Adam dove in to search for Crawdads. The water was freezing, but they warmed up pretty quick and ended up with lots of tasty creatures!

We boiled the Crawdads when we got home and they were excellent! The perfect appetizer to our yummy steak dinner.....

On Sunday morning, Camp enjoyed coffee on the deck,
saw his first fish,

and enjoyed sucking on his toes!

Sunday afternoon, the five of us went out on the boat again, but this time we were headed for the Suwannee River.

way down upon the suwannee river

The crazy boys found a rope swing and had fun doing tricks.

Camp's waving to the boats passing by...
Nothing like the Suwannee and a Natural Light....

After a long day, Camp was wiped. He fell asleep and stayed asleep (much to my surprise!). He must have been pretty sleepy!

He slept for a good 45 minutes and woke up in the best mood.....he was glad to see that he was still on the boat!
We had the best time and can't wait to do it again!! Thanks, Brewins!


the heller family said...

i love the picture of Camp drinking his coffee!

Laura said...

Camp is having a way better summer than I am!

Kelly B said...

Hey girl! Love the pictures from the river! Would you please email me those you have? I'd greatly appreciate it! TTYL!