Playdates & Free Pastries

Camp and I met Danielle and Sophie at Starbucks this morning.
Starbucks was giving away free pastries and we couldn't turn down free pastries!!

Camp and Sophie sat in big kid seats.

Camp tried to play with Sophie's Puppy Dog, but she wouldn't have any of that!
She was kind enough to share her "Big Sister" book.
Camp wasn't all that interested because he knew that he would never be a big sister.

Yesterday morning, Camp and I had a fun playdate with the Hellers and the Sivyers.

Camp and Gabe were fast friends. It was so fun seeing Camp just pull up and start playing!
Sophie was a little concerned that these crazy boys were taking over her toys!

Camp looks like such a big boy!
Gabe was so patient with Camp.

All three were so cute together.


brittany, steve, and gabe said...

camp is such a cutie!! it was great seeing you both, and when i am in town again (first week of august) lets plan on doing something outside so that we can get some great pictures of the little man!

Harris Family said...

Oh how fun-it is always nice to get kids together to play so parents can have some time to chat!