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10 months

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  • He's pulling up on everything.
  • He's waving hello and goodbye.
  • He gives high fives.
  • Starting to give real kisses.
  • He's starting to crawl on all fours. He's much more efficient at his army crawl, but he's getting faster and faster on all fours.
  • He's starting to show affection to his stuffed animals. His favorites are his little white bear, the bear in the birthday pictures and a sweet bunny rabbit.
  • He's enjoying Baby Einstein DVD's.
  • He's able to climb stairs.
  • His favorite foods are turkey rollups, cheese, Craisins, and applesauce.
  • He still doesn't have any teeth!
  • He's sleeping from 8pm-7:30am at night. Napping twice a day...sometimes three times.
  • He's in size 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.


There are quite a few this month.....This photo session with Beary is getting extremely difficult with an extremely mobile Camp!

"Beary, tell my Mama that I've had enough of this photo session!"


Mama Byrd said...

Happy 10 month birthday, Sweet boy!!

Lollie said...

Thank you so much for the monthly pictures! I know it's getting hard but they are so sweet and special!Love that precious boy!!!

Carrie Anne said...

haha LOVE the last one

Pam said...

Favorite, favorite, favorite!!! :B