christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas!! Watching the excitement in Camp is the sweetest thing! On Christmas Eve, Camp looked up in the night sky and saw a blinking red light. He was convinced it was Santa's sleigh with Rudolph leading the way. He immediately ran inside, turned off all of the lights and said he wanted to go to bed!! 

Camp wanted to leave coffee cake out for Santa instead of cookies...

precious angel boy!

two cute buddies ready for santa!

testing out their new gator!

nothing more fun than the aftermath of christmas morning!

christmas morning breakfast...

me and my biggest buddy!!

The boys spent the day playing with their new toys and then we went to Yaya & Bop Bop's for a fabulous Christmas dinner! Yaya always sets the prettiest tables and makes the tastiest dinners! It was a lovely Christmas.

Collinsy got an anywhere chair and the boys look too cute while watching TV.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! 


yaya said...

LOVE the Christmas morning pics!!! Sleepy eyes but full of excitement!! My Christmas gift is the joy of your precious family. Thank you for always posting such wonderful pics!! love you all!!!

Bebe said...

Love the aftermath of Christmas morning photos. Looks like a few "la la"s have been eaten by a certain little boy. Here's to a Happy New Year!!