a cruise and christmas festivities

About a month ago, Bebe called to tell me she had put me down as an emergency contact for a cruise that she, Fred, and Chandler were going to take right before Christmas. I ended up inviting myself on the cruise and crashed their vacation!! I'm so happy that I did...we had a blast and it was so much fun to get away and relax! 

Poor Fred was surrounded by women...we only drove him a little bit crazy!! JJ

I spent half of the time in my comfy bunk and watched some great movies! 

The cruise stopped in Cozumel so we found a yummy Mexican restaurant with legit Margaritas. They were soooo good!!

Don't think I'd want to jump over that wall!!

Where I sang Africa by Toto.

I think we may need to make that a yearly family tradition!!! Thanks Mama and Fred for letting me tag along!! 

Fun at Dorothy B. Oven!

lunch at bradley's...yum!!!

Camper napped on the couch all day after an early morning of duck hunting...Collins wanted his brother to WAKE UP!!! :)

And a first...Collins fell asleep while I was holding him. This has never happened!!! I loved it and let him sleep on me for a while before I put him down in his crib. 

Adam took Collins to get his hair cut yesterday and it ended up turning out ADORABLE! 

On Christmas Eve, Jake lets Camp hold him for a bit and Camp thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Here are Camp and Jake watching morning cartoons!

Merry Christmas Eve!!


Bebe said...

I've got to admit... Collins' haircut looks better than the ones Bebe has given him. Not so much a patchwork quilt head! Loved the cruise!! So special to have both of my girls. Next time we grab up Trip, too! Thanks, Adam, for holding down the fort. Yearly event? Heck yeah, works for me!

yaya said...

:) precious!! and love the cruise pics!!!....the haircut is precious!!