brother and sisters

The week before Christmas, Chandler and Trip were both in town so we made Bebe happy and took a sibling picture!! It's always so hard to get the three of us together at one time and it'll be even harder now that Trip has gotten his dream job as a harbor pilot in Texas. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of him, but the big sister in me is also so very sad that he won't be living two miles down the street anymore. :( 
We spent the first thirty minutes trying to prop the camera up and do the self timer, but thankfully Trip's friend Brian came to the rescue to snap a few pictures for us!! 

This pic is my absolute fave...

I'm so thankful for these two!!

Can't wait to come visit you where the cowboys live, Trip!! I've already found a sweet Hampton Inn in Lafayette!! 


Bebe said...

Oh.... love my precious kids! Thanks so much for going to so much trouble to get me the perfect pic :)
No dead batteries or full memory cards can stop you all! Will cherish these pictures of you kids together until we can all be reunited!! Mama loves her babies!!

Trip said...

Love you Laney two shoes! Miss the both of you so much!