15 months

precious baby brother is 15 months old!

15 months is such a fun age...every day is something new and exciting. 

Camp and Collins already have such a neat relationship...I LOVE watching them interact. Tonight they took the cushions off the couch and bounced around and played. It was so cute! Collins also likes to mess with Camp when he's playing, he'll mess up his puzzles, take toys, etc.

He's calling his pacis uh ohs! He does the same thing Camp did when he is looking for his paci, he'll say "uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh" :)

He's getting his fifth tooth...this makes three on the bottom, two on the top.

He is so busy and loves to explore, open drawers, cabinets, etc. 

He blows on his food if he thinks it's hot and when he sees stuff cooking.

He loves to sing interactive songs and shakes his head yes when we're done singing so we sing it again!

He loves lollipops! I have some in a jar on the counter and he goes up to it all day signing please! :)

Some of his favorite foods are cheese, mashed potatoes, GoGo Squeez, raisins, watermelon, & cantaloupe. 

He just learned to climb on the coffee table! :( He climbed up on it about 25 times today so we decided to move it into our bedroom for now. Camp said "now where are we going to put our coffee?!" :) 

Still on the same sleeping schedule...bed at 8, sleeps in until 8:30 (whoop whoop!!) naps from 10-12ish, then 2-4ish. 

Wears size 18 months and a size 4 diaper.

I fall in love with him more and more each day. 

Happy 15 months to our sweet Collins.


Bebe said...

Love Camp's comment about OUR coffee! Love this sweet 15 month old boy and his wonderful big brother too!

Grey Webb said...

The top picture of Collins resembles Camp. First time I've notice any similarities.