We tried a new (to us) restaurant on Friday and I think it'll become one of our faves! We had so much fun and the boys enjoyed playing with the pizza dough. Collins licked his pizza dough, made a funny face, then picked up his dough and put it on Camp's plate!! :) Haha!

so many blueberries!

The water hose keeps these boys busy for HOURS! 

Collins's hair will get curly when he's outside in the humidity. Sooo dang cute! I don't think I'll be able to cut those curls!

Another Daddy, Mommy, Camper date night!

Cool Mommy and Collins at the pool...


Bebe said...

Am loving your summertime photos! Hot fun in the summertime!
I couldn't cut Trip's curls for the longest time... Cute, sweet boys!

yaya said...

Love the expressions on Collins face! he has so many! Sweet boys and sweet summer memories....yippee for water hoses!!!