garden prep

We are planting our garden again this year. We took last year off because we knew we'd be busy with the arrival of sweet Collins! :) I'm so excited to reap the benefits of home grown goodness again! Adam has already planted ten blueberry bushes. We plan to plant squash, okra, new potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers! 
A few weeks ago Adam and Camp got the garden ready for a new crop!

Proof that Collins does indeed cry! :) Not often, but it does happen. We have people ask us, "does he ever cry???" :) 

Maybe he just wanted to go for a swing?

Love this pic!

Camper came down with the nasty stomach bug that's been going around his school and class. :( No fun!! It lasted 10 hours and then he got a fever. I think he's 100% again, but we stayed home from school one more day today so he could relax and get his energy back. He hasn't been sick in a year and a half and this was his first (and hopefully last) stomach bug. Praying no one else gets it!


Bebe said...

Poor baby! Think someone must have pinched him! And that last picture.... "What you talking 'bout, Willis?!?"
Yea, for fresh veggies!! CCLC, the next generation.

Ivy said...

Sweetest pictures! Love Camp's shirt! ;)

yaya said...

who pinched my lil nugget???