valentine's day 2013

We had a wonderful day full of love. Camp told me repeatedly that he was my Valentine and I was his. I tried to make the day extra special for him! I surprised him with lunch at Cracker Barrel. Camp was even more surprised when Daddy showed up to join us! On our way to lunch, he asked if his friends were at school. I told him that they were and he replied, "Why aren't they having Valentine's Day?" I guess he thought that you spend the day with your Mama and do fun things on Valentine's Day. I said, "they aren't spending the day with their mommy like you, are they?" I was thinking he was going to tell me that he wished he was at school too, but he said, "that's SAD!!!" :) Made me smile to think that he thought spending the day with Mama was a pretty cool deal! We might have to make staying home from school a tradition on Valentine's Day! Or maybe the day before...he can't always miss his Valentine's party!! Haha!!

Valentine's treats for Camper

Camp's Valentine's treats to his friends...that he hasn't delivered yet! :)

yummy heart shaped donuts from DD. 

Camper got to pick out a toy at the Barrel...I wonder if this is why Cracker Barrel is his favorite restaurant?? :)

Flowers from my sweet husband. Even though, Adam says he prefers doing special things for me on random days and not expected days like Valentine's, he still pulls through to make his Valentine feel extra loved. :)

my little loves loving on each other

they have my heart, for sure!!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...holidays are just SO much more fun with kiddies. 


Bebe said...

My funny little Valentines! Cute cuddle bunnies...

yaya said...

sweet valentines!! <3

Traci said...

Cracker Barrel is Kaden's favorite restaraunt as well. Same reason!