10 months

Collins is 10 months old!  

He is as sweet as ever. He's just such a happy baby. 

He's giving us kisses when we ask for them.

He's only crawling on all fours now. No more army crawl. He's also trying to stand up on his own, but he can't take his hands off the ground.

He pulls up on everything and is starting to cruise. He's also mastering letting go of one piece of furniture and then grabbing a hold of another. He's also pulling himself up in his crib.

He likes to mimic sounds Camp makes. Screaming, blowing raspberries, etc. They'll go back and forth and it's about the cutest thing ever. Camp and Collins are already little buds!! 

He waves all the time! 

He doesn't have any teeth and I don't see any signs of one!

He likes to shake his head no. :)

He is wearing size 12 months and he's between a 3-4 diaper.

He sleeps 7pm-7-7:30am. He's taking two naps a day, sometimes three.

He gets four bottles a day.

 He loves Kashi blueberry waffles and Puffs.  

Happy 10 months sweet baby boy!! You bring everyone so much joy!!


Bebe said...

Happy 10 months, you sweet little boy!
We love you!!

hossypoo said...

He is so darling. How lucky you are to have two sweet boys! Thanks for posting your Disney pictures. I got the biggest kick out of seeing how excited YOU were about Disney!

Heather said...

Blueberry waffles :)