our week and weekend

Adam and Trip headed to Arkansas last week for a duck hunting trip. When Adam planned the trip, I put the bug in Bebe's ear to see if she'd be interested in spending a few days with her favorite daughter and grandsons! It didn't take her long to say yes and although we were sad about Adam leaving for a few days, we were so excited to spend some time with Bebe! She arrived Wednesday morning and we all had a blast! 
Bebe slept in Camp's bed so Camper slept with me all week. I took this picture one night as I was going to bed. :) He looks so comfy!

On Friday we went to the living Christmas story. We took the hayride through and it was just perfect. I went through the living Christmas story almost every year growing up and it was so special taking the boys. Camp and Collins both loved it. 

We took Bebe to the airport early Saturday morning and were so sad to see her go. :(  We tried to stay busy the rest of the weekend!
Camp had a birthday party to go to on Saturday...

Carson is always so sweet to Collins.

Saturday night, we met Mary and her family at Momo's for a yummy dinner. SK sure loves Colony! :)

Peek a boo!!

Adam got home last night and we are so happy he's back! We missed him so much, but I think he missed us more! 


Bebe said...

Bebe enjoyed time with her boys and her favorite 29 year old daughter! I think Adam needs to make this a yearly event!

hossypoo said...

Hi Lane. Enjoyed all your pictures. The boys are really growing fast! Your description of Camp mouthing the words to the song made me laugh because that is what Carl always did, but my boy NEVER outgrew his dislike of performing. All your boys (the man one too) are adorable and you look beautiful as always. Glad you and Toby had some fun together.