8 months!!!

Goodness gracious...Collins is EIGHT months old today! Seriously, how did that happen? He's as sweet as ever and his little personality is really starting to bloom.  

  • He's scooting everywhere. He does not like to sit still! 
  • He sleeps from 6:45pm to 7-7:30am. No waking up at all. He usually naps three times a day. He is a very light sleeper though.
  • This child loves to eat! He gets one jar of baby food in the morning, two for lunch, and two for dinner. He wants everything we are eating too. I've started giving him crackers, pizza crust, bread, grits, etc. He's nursing 4 times a day and getting a bottle at 6pm.
  • He loves to dance and loves when Daddy plays the guitar. It sounds like he is singing along too. It's so cute.
  • He's wearing 9-12 months clothes...his longalls are 12 months. He's wearing a size 3 diaper.
  • He doesn't have any teeth. Camp didn't get his first tooth until he was 13 months old so we may have a while! :)
  • He seems to be very interested in dogs and gets so excited when Annabelle pays him any attention. 
  • He loves to be outside.

He's pretty much perfect and we sure love our Collinsy boy. Happy 8 months!!

Camp has started saying his Ls correctly so Cawins is now Collins. 
Breaks my heart. :(


yaya said...

Happpy 8 months Collinsy boy!!! love those tootsies!! sweet boy!!

Bebe said...

Happy 8 months, big boy! Can't believe how he went from sitting in one place at Thanksgiving to going across the room the next week! Now the fun begins...