We took our annual trip to Dorothy B. Oven on Monday. We went to dinner first then headed to see the lights! 
Both boys LOVED it!! Camp was so silly and cute.

The lights were so pretty, as always!

Camp inspecting the gingerbread house.

Camp trying to get inside the igloo...I love Adam's face in the corner. He's like "can you believe our child??"

It was a hot and muggy night...not very Christmasey, but we still had lots of fun!

Collins checking out my favorite light animal.

I love this family tradition!!

Camp had his Christmas program at school today. We had been talking it up, preparing him for this performance. He usually HATES performing and stands there on the verge of tears.

He had been singing his songs for weeks and knows EVERY single word. I told him he would be the best one in his class (trying to really boost is confidence!!) and he was going to be awesome. He told me he was going to be a "rockstar" 

The whole school sang "jingle bell rock" and he did great! He actually sang this year!! Then his class got up to sing "away in a manger".  He stood up there and was so goofy...mouthing out the words and just being silly!! :) It doesn't help that he sticks out like a sore thumb being the tallest kid in the class! Haha!! I'm sure other parents were watching him and thinking "glad that's not my kid!" I guess I'm thankful he's come out of his performing shell?!

We picked him up from his class and told him we were so proud of him and he seemed proud of himself too. His teachers gave all of the kids a goodie bag and he was pretty thrilled with it.

Adam called the rest of the day off from work because of rain so we were all able to go out to a fun and festive lunch afterwards. Ohhh and during the performance, the preschool offered a nursery so we dropped Collins off before the program. When we went to pick him up, the nursery helpers said he was the happiest baby and was so good!! So proud of my boys. :)

***Collins started sitting up on his own this week...he can go from crawling to sitting all by himself! BIGGEST BOY!!!***


Bebe said...

Yay for the rock star! I knew he had it in him...

Carrie Anne said...

Yay for no tears and a great performance! xoxo