rudolph the reindeer nose

one of camp's favorite songs this year...probably second to jingle bell rock. 
rudolph the reindeer nose...had a very shiny nose. 
we don't correct him. :)

One night last week, we headed out to look at Christmas lights. Collins wore his festive Christmas pajamas!

Camper all ready to go look at lights!

Our first stop was to get some donuts! Usually we get Krismas Kremes for viewing Christmas lights, but Dunkin Donuts is just so much closer to our house! :)

We went to several of the houses on the tour of lights. There are some really creative lights out there! 

On Thursday we headed to the mall to see Santa. This is Camp trying to check him out while waiting in line.

Camper wanted to check out the snow! :)

Camp's request for Santa: "A helicopter with guns that shoots dinosaurs and a monster truck"

Collins grabbed a hold of Santa's beard and wouldn't let go! 

Collins with his "Baby 1st Christmas" ornament!

On Friday night I made homemade hot chocolate and we watched Elf.


Camp and Collins got an awesome playground thanks to Yaya, Bop Bop, & Mamaw. We've already had so much fun playing on it.

Bop Bop and Chris spent almost three full days assembling it. Patience is a must when putting something like this together. I really think I would have gone crazy trying to put it together. 

The Gunters love their new playground!!! 

Camper and Daddy discussing something important. Camp wants to spend the night in his new play house, but I don't think Daddy would fit! :) Camp wants to eat most meals out on the picnic table attached to the playground.

Sunday morning surprise treats from my boys!! 

Santa visited Camp's preschool. His teacher sent me this sweet picture. I wish I knew what he was saying!! :)

I gave Collins Cheerios for the first time yesterday. He LOVES them! Both boys were sitting up at the bar this morning for breakfast eating Cheerios. Camp was just "eating the milk". :) Silly boy!


Bebe said...

Say, that picture of the Gunter family should be on the box advertising the playground! Haha! Love all of these pics. The one of Camp trying to get a glimpse of santa is priceless. I have a picture of you and Trip about the same ages of Camp and Collins. Trip wasn't quite as mesmerized as Collins :( Poor baby...
Love to all!!

Carrie Anne said...

Each pic just warms my heart. Merry Christmas!!

Grey Webb said...

WOW! That playground is awesome. So many years of fun. I'm surprised you didn't have to get a building permit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rudolph the Reindeer Nose is a pretty good Christmas song, but my favorite will always be, Deck the Halls with To Be Jolly by Miss Lane Webb. Happy Christmas Eve!