(started this on monday...woops)
We've had a busy and fun weekend full of friends, family, and lots of decorating. I love going through our Christmas decorations each year. I remember thinking to myself last year when I put up the decorations, that the next time I saw them, we'd have another precious little boy added to the family.

And boy, he sure is precious!!! 

 Camp had been asking to decorate a gingerbread house for some time. Publix finally started selling their gingerbread house kits so I bought one and meant to hide it until at least December 1st! Camp spotted it right away and didn't want to wait any longer to decorate it. 

He enjoyed eating the candies a little more than actually decorating. That's the best part though, right??!!

Collins is scooting EVERYWHERE. I really forgot how much a mobile baby can get into. We have to make sure everything is picked up and all of Camp's little toys are out of sight. 

 We got our tree on Sunday and I think it's one of the prettiest trees we've ever had! I wanted to get a smaller tree than we have gotten in the past...I wanted something easy to decorate and easy to take down. :) I think it's just perfect.

Collins enjoyed watching us decorate and getting the lights just right! 

Camper grabbed the camera and started snapping away. He got some great shots!

Camp putting the star on the tree (here's a pic of him doing the same thing last year!)

Putting on his first ornament!

The finished product! I love it!! Our tree skirt magically disappeared from our Christmas rubbermaid bins so I used some fabric from Camp's birthday party as a skirt. It's adorable and I like it so much better than our old tree skirt anyway! 


Carrie Anne said...

Beautiful tree! Love the pics that Camp took. Can't wait for more festive fun to come!

Bebe said...

Camp has some of his mother's talents behind the camera! The Gunter household looks might festive!

yaya said...

Love the tree AND the little elf that took some GREAT pics!!looking forward to some holiday fun!!