parade, party, & pumpkin carving

Camp had his Halloween parade at school today. Collins, as always, was along for the ride and enjoyed the parade bundled in his carseat.

Captain Hook!

I'm not sure what he was doing here, but the parents and classmates in front of him were getting a kick out of it! LOL

I signed up for the Halloween party this year with two other moms. I think we came up with some adorable treats!! 

I trekked to both Targets to find enough of the witch cauldron cups. I was so happy to find enough! I figured they'd be fun for the party and a cute favor for the kids to take home. 

Watching Charlie Brown while we set up for the party.

We finally carved our pumpkin this afternoon...I had an excited helper!

Camp the photographer!

I'm not the best pumpkin carver. The nose is quite crooked and I cut his bottom tooth off so now he looks like a vampire...totally not the look I was going for! Ha!! Camp's pleased and that's all that matters!

Happy Halloween!

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Bebe said...

Cutest, sweetest Captain Hook I've ever seen!
Looks like the parade and party were a huge success.