I'm seriously lacking in the blog title creativity department! :)
The boys and I spent last weekend in Ocala with Mary, Holly, & Sally Kate to visit Mary & Holly's parents.
Camp will not stop talking about "Nocowa".  He had a BLAST! Camp told a boy at the park today, "Nocowa is a great place to go!"
The huge toy closet filled with almost every toy made since 1981 sure made an impression on Camp. :) We were sure spoiled with tasty treats and wonderful hospitality. 

We got to see Heather on Friday night and I finally got to experience Latinos! :) Heather is expecting a sweet baby boy in February...she's a natural! 

The kiddies enjoying a fabulous home cooked meal on Saturday.

Camp and Sally Kate swam a few times too...Camp was bummed there weren't any frogs in the skimmer basket like they are at Yaya & Bop Bop's! :) 

We all had a great time and I hope we can go back real soon! 

I took both boys to the mall yesterday. I bought Camp a pair of jeans one day while he was in school and they ended up being too big. The only way to avoid yet another trip to the mall was to take Camp with me to try on several pairs! :) Both boys were on their very BEST behavior, but the mall, alone, with two kids, and a huge stroller is hard work! I texted Adam this picture and said "mama needs a cocktail...or a cupcake!" I didn't get either, but we got jeans that fit for Camper!

After school today, I took the boys to the park. The weather was just too perfect to spend the afternoon inside. We had a great time.

Collinsy had a blast at his first trip to the park.
He wore jeans for the first time today too! :)

Collins and I sat on the bench for close to an hour watching Camp play. CWG just loves to be outside!

And another first for baby brother!! THE RESTAURANT HIGH CHAIR!! :) Collins sure liked sitting up like a big boy rather than spending the meal in his car seat. Our baby is growing up!!


Heather said...

LOVE it. Nocowa is a great place to go ;) And tell C & C they can come on down and play with their friend baby B anytime after January :)

Heather said...

February ... I meant, February :)

Bebe said...

Love those fall days and kids on swing sets!
Looks like a good time was had by all in Nocowa. That tea on Camp's chair got me nervous just looking at it... And how nice that Heather got some good practice in!
Yippee for baby boys!!