blue ridge

ahhh...we just got back from a fabulous extra long weekend in Blue Ridge. We left town late Thursday night and picked Trip up at the airport in ATL on the way. We arrived in Blue Ridge around 2am on Friday and we were all exhausted, but so happy to finally be there. 

On Friday we headed to Mercier Orchards.
Since Camp missed school on Friday (his scheduled visit to the pumpkin patch with his class) we had to make up for it by visiting the pumpkin patch at Merciers! 

We took a tractor out to the patch and the apple orchards.

Camp had a blast checking out the pumpkins. He and the boys picked apples right off of the apple trees too!! 

The boys...

After we got our fill of pumpkins and apples, we headed to the Hard Apple Cider building for a taste testing session. Adam, Trip, & I enjoyed tastes of three hard apple ciders...our fave was Grumpy Granny made from Granny Smith apples. It was soooo good!! Too bad they weren't selling bottles of it yet, only by the glass. :)

When we got home, Adam carved the pumpkin that Camp picked out all by himself.

We enjoyed each night with a fire on the party porch...perfection.

On Saturday, we headed downtown to Paws in the Park...a pet parade! 

We experienced true fall weather and had to bundle up! :)


Camp loved it!!

family photo 

After Paws in the Park, we headed to Harvest on Main for a fabulous lunch! Collins ended up sleeping through most of our lunch...sweet baby!

Daddy and his boys...

Adam planted pansies for Bebe & Papa!

If this doesn't scream fall, I don't know what does! :)

Chandler's homecoming dance was Saturday night...she went with a big group of girls because that's just more fun! I went to my senior year (and junior year!) homecoming dance with my husband!

Camp's favorite thing to do at Bebe & Papa's...pop popcorn!

a friendly game of ping pong


No trip to Blue Ridge is complete without some fried pies...

We had a wonderful time and I was so thankful Adam could take off of work to join us...he even skipped out on opening weekend of deer season! He must really love me or something! :) 
It was just so nice to have everyone together at the same time. 


Bebe said...

Boy, did I have fun reliving our visit! Your pictures pretty much captured our fun. How nice it was for us all to be together... Until we're together again hug and kiss those boys!!
Love you!!

yaya said...

It was wonderful to see all your fabulous pics!!! I could feel the cold weather!So happy for Bebe to have you all for a great visit!!

Beth Madigan said...

Looks like it was a blast!! I want to come visit soon- that popcorn machine is calling my name!