happy half birthday, collins!

I'm convinced time goes by even faster the more kids you have. How can this baby boy be 6 months already? 
He continues to be such a sweet and happy baby. When we are out and about, we always have people come up to us to see Collins. It's funny that they always say the same things..."He sure is a happy baby isn't he?" "Is he always this happy?" "Does he wake up happy?" LOL and the answer is always, YES!! :) They'll usually also tell me "time sure does go by fast so enjoy it" :) That I have learned already on my own...and boy it sure does.

  • He's wearing 6-9 months clothes...more on the 9 month side and a size 3 diaper. 

  • He's eating a 1st food fruit or veggie for lunch and 4oz of veggies with oatmeal cereal for dinner. Squash seems to be his favorite, but he loves everything.  I'm still nursing 4-5 times a day and then he also gets a bottle about 30 minutes to an hour before bed. 

  • He rolls over both ways and is sitting up on his own for short periods of time. He's not quite ready for the restaurant high chair or shopping cart, but each day he sits up longer and I know it won't be long now!

  • He's getting up on all fours, but hasn't lunged forward yet! 

  • He has the cutest happy squeal and has really started babbling lately. His voice sounds just like Camp's did. His cry doesn't sound like a newborn anymore. I just noticed this change within the last 4 days or so...

  • His eye color is still a mystery!! I just have no idea what color they'll end up being. They are just so light, especially compared to Camp's eyes! 

  • He loves his brother and his brother sure loves him. Whenever we hear Collins talking after waking up from a nap, Camp asks to go in his room to get him up. Camp and Collins will lay in the crib together and hang out. It's so cute.

  • He's constantly grabbing for everything. He's also very interested in anything we eat and he always thinks he wants some of it too!

Happy 6 months to our happy boy!!


yaya said...

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet lil nugget!!! SOOOOO adorable!!!

Carrie Anne said...

Happy Half Birthday sweet Collins Boy!!! Just when I think he could not possibly get any cuter or sweeter, he does! Hope he had a great day! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Half Birthday Birthday Buddy! You are so sweet. Love you!

Bebe said...

These pictures made me smile. Collins always has the sweetest expressions! Can't believe he's already a half year old...
Love the sweet baby!!

Amy Wells said...

Harvest on Main is our favorite...it's so good! Glad y'all are enjoying this Fall season!