first week of october

 A glimpse at what we've been up to lately...with pictures from my phone!

Camper loves photo booth...he's always asking me to join him in some photo booth fun!

handsome boy

I think Collins is almost getting too big for his bouncy. :(

Camp had his 4 year doctor's appointment on Monday. He got four shots and bless his heart, did not like them one bit. His poor little legs were so sore. When we were waiting to check out at the doctor's office, his little eyes looked so puny and he was just so pitiful. He perked up a bit when he got to get a Lego Ninjago sticker.

Not long after we got in the car he fell fast asleep. He took a nice long nap and woke up in a great mood! He complained of sore legs and was a tad warm the next day, but other than that was fine! Good news is, no more shots til he turns 11! :)

Big boy sitting up all by himself!

A few days ago we went to Chick fil A and saw a sign that said the new kid's meal prize was a cow comic book, the prize really ended up being a Martha Speaks CD and Camp was quite bummed. We went again yesterday and we were so excited that the cow comic book was finally in his kid's meal! He's had a blast reading it!

Cutie pie boy!

I made these biscuits last night and the night before to go with the chicken noodle soup that I made. They are sooo good! I made them a lot last fall and winter, but I hadn't made them in a while. Adam and Camp love them too. Adam and I agreed that we could just have these biscuits for dinner and we'd be perfectly content!

I finally brought out our Halloween decorations today. I love going through all of my decorations each year. Camp was so excited to look at each and every one. 

Collins loves to give kisses!! :) Thank goodness Camp is a good sport! 


Carrie Anne said...

sweet babies!! collins is looking more like camp to me. happy october!!

yaya said...

love those boys!!!!!