it's september!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach...stayed half the weekend at the Lion's Paw and half the weekend at the Byrdnest! It was a hottt weekend, but we had lots of fun!
Sweeeet brothers cuddling in the morning...Collins is starting to interact more with Camp. It's the cutest thing. You can just tell that Collins loves Camp so much already.

On Saturday, Adam, Bop Bop, & Camp went fishing. Yaya, Collins, & I went to town and ate lunch!

Camp going for a ride in a sheet! :)

We got to the Byrdnest to see that Fred had posted this note on the TV. My favorite thing to do at the beach is watch a good Lifetime movie or two! :)

We spent some time on the beach on Monday and it was actually my first time in the water this summer!! Bebe stayed up at the house and watched Collins for us.

Collins has discovered his toes and plays with them all the time!

Camp pretending to be asleep...he wanted me to get my camera and take a picture. :)

Collins is becoming very interested in what we are drinking and eating. He tries to take Camp's sippy cup and drink it for himself. I haven't really started solid food yet, but I know he will probably love it once we do.

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Bebe said...

Enjoyed our Labor Day visit! First time I've gone to the beach, I think, without getting a little sun-kissed...
Was happier staying indoors and holding a baby!