a whole bunch of pictures from my phone

First off, I wanted to share these pictures of my boys with their little footsies on the tray of their swings...
Adam - circa 1983

Camp - February 2009

Collins - 8.29.12

Camp has adjusted well to school. He seems to just love it. He asks to stay for lunch bunch (where they stay an extra two hours) every day. I didn't send him yesterday because I was starting to feel guilty for sending him when I had really no reason to. On the way to school yesterday he asked if he was going to stay for lunch bunch again and I told him that he wasn't. Poor buddy started crying and said "but I want to stay for lunch bunch! Go back home and go get my lunch!" If he's going to school five days a week and wants to stay all day long, he must really enjoy it!! I had a teacher stop me in the hall today to tell me that she was one of the lunch bunch teachers on Tuesday and that Camp was one of the sweetest boys she's ever met...talk about making a mama's heart smile!! :) Adam and I both know we have a sweet boy in Camp, but when someone other than our family tells us that, it just makes me so happy. 

With Camp in school, I've been able to spend some one on one time with my littlest buddy...It's been a little bit of an adjustment for me to try and figure out the best way to get the three of us ready in the mornings. I just have to get up extra early and get ready before either boy gets up. Even though I try and give myself plenty of time to get everyone ready, I always feel like we are rushing and we are still 5-10 minutes late to school!! :) I'm sure we'll work our way into a better morning routine soon.

Ooh this boy is sweet!!

these s'mores bars are our new favorite dessert...I've made them three times in the past week! They are just that good!

date night #1 of the week at Bonefish...as the hostess sat us at our table, an overwhelming excitement came over me knowing that I would be sitting at the table alone with my husband, drinking fruity cocktails, eating yummy food, and having no distractions! The car ride home from Bonefish was filled with giddy conversation and we swore to each other that we would make date night happen more often. :) It's sooo good for us to get out and do things just the two of us.

Camp being a "crew" and helping pull weeds. He is so serious when he gets out there and works in the yard. He puts his hand on his hip and shakes his head and talks like a big boy! :) It's so cute. 

Camp found his suspenders and wanted to put them on...he asked me if he could wear them to school and I told him we should probably just wear them at home. :)

When we thought Hurricane Isaac was headed our way, Adam had the crews work on a day they usually have off so he had a day off of work in the middle of the week this week! After we dropped off Camp at school, we went to breakfast and Collins slept through most of our meal. :)

We also headed to Thomasville to drop off some turkey parts Adam wanted to have mounted. We were both wishing that Camp was with us...he would have loved seeing all of the animals! Adam is definitely bringing Camp with him when he picks up his turkey goodies. :)

Date night #2 of the week at my favorite of all restaurants...OSAKA!! Another fabulous date with my wonderful husband. 

Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of August...then it'll be September, my favorite month of all!!! 


Bebe said...

Love the tootsies on the swing photos! Cute Gunter boys!!
And yippee for date nights! 2 in one week... that's the way to do it!

The Smith Family said...

The 845 start time is getting the best of us too! Ugh we are always late! Ha

Ivy said...

I see a little bit of baby Adam in Collins! Date nights are the best and you can't beat Osaka!! Yum yum!