first day of school!

 Camp started his first day of three year old preschool today. We've all been ready for this day a long time. The last few weeks of summer have been long and, well, boring. Camp thrives when he has a routine and so do I. I know he will have a great year and I'm so glad the school year is finally upon us!!

First day of school breakfast.

He's looking like such a big boy!

He did great when we dropped him off. He loved the red play dough!

Mama and her biggest boy!

Proud Daddy and Camper...and Collins in the background! We were so happy Daddy met us at school! We were thinking it was so early, but Daddy had already been at work for three hours at this point!! :)

After school we made our obligatory stop at Tasty Pastry for a dinosaur cookie and then we got takeout from Momo's for lunch. Collins's schedule was thrown for a loop and he barely napped this morning. I knew taking both boys out to lunch by myself wasn't going to work, so takeout it was!! 

Camp was supposed to bring a picture of his family to school today. We didn't really have any of the four of us so while we were all semi decent looking last night we snapped a quick pic. I love it...and I love my sweet family!!!!

Here's to a great school year!!


Bebe said...

Jeez, that's pizza is as big as your head! Haha...
Here's to a fantastic year at school and an ease into the new routine!

Heather said...

Look at his little smile!!! What a sweet boy, I know he will have a great year :)

Carrie Anne said...

Love it :) Happy School Year!!