CWG's 4 month stats & pictures

Collins had his 4 month appointment today. He was due to eat shortly after our appointment was supposed to start so I planned on feeding him once we got back in our room. We waited in the waiting room for an insane amount of time with lots of people and because I'm not a graceful nurser, I held out until we could get into a room. Collins ended up falling asleep so I figured if he wasn't screaming, it would be ok to hold off feeding him. I was crazy to think we'd get back into our room in a reasonable amount of time so poor Collins was probably starving. 
I'm assuming his weight is a tad less than it would have been if I would have nursed him on time, but he's 13 lbs, 13 oz (30%...this is shocking to me) 25" long (55%) and head circumference is 41.6 cm (30%) 

He got two shots and one oral vaccine and only cried for a teeny bit after the second shot. I was so worried because Camp cried the most he's ever cried while getting shots at his 4 month appointment. Camp rode around with Adam during this appointment because I couldn't stand to see him get upset again while Collins was getting his shots. 

a happy birthday cake with the tastiest icing I've ever made...2 sticks of butter, 3 cups powdered sugar, 3 TBS whipping cream, 1 tsp vanilla. YUM.

Sweet boy cuddling with his daddy...Collins seems to be in good spirits tonight, just extra cuddly!!


Bebe said...

Shots are usually harder on the mamas...
Hope he had a good night and wakes up his sweet self!
Always love the pics of Camp loving on Collins!

Holly said...

That was a delicious cake, and that icing...oh boy!