buddies, boys, bbq, & booze

Hadley, Carson, & Reese came over to play the other day...I think all of the kiddies had a great time! When they come over, it's an instant party!

These friends will all be in the same class this year and I'm so excited. Rian and I both agreed that our precious children are ready to get back to school and into a routine!! :) 

When it was time to say goodbye, Camp told Reese he needed to come over and spend the night at our house one night. :)

love these little tootsies!

my sweet baby boy! I can't believe he's going to be 4 months old this week!

I say it all of the time, but Collins is the BEST baby. I just can't get over how easy going and HAPPY he is!!

And he sure is adorable too!! 

I love Collins's hand on Camp's arm...

my cutie boys!!

photography by Camp
*disclaimer* I'd just woken up...can't you tell? :)

We had Carrie Anne and Dave over for a yummy BBQ dinner tonight.
Adam made his famous Boston butt...he hadn't made it in such a long time and I'd forgotten how extremely tasty it is! Oh man...it's sooo good!

He also made his vinegar BBQ sauce and put it in these mini mason jars. He was so proud of it! He wants me to share the recipe so once he tells me how it's done, I'll post it! 

 I made this fruity cocktail and it was a huge hit! It was a version of the raspberry beer cocktail, but since I did my grocery shopping at Target today, I improvised on a few ingredients. I actually think I will make it this way from now on!!

 1 can frozen Minute Maid lemonade concentrate 
 fill the empty can 1/2 with vodka and 1/2 with water
 one bag of frozen raspberries
mix lemonade concentrate, vodka, water, and frozen raspberries in pitcher and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours...right before serving, add 3 beers to the pitcher, mix and pour over a strainer into glass of ice. I think it would be good with frozen strawberries too! 


Carrie Anne said...

BEST BBQ and sauce I have ever had, hands down...and that RB cocktail is my new favorite drink!! And it's as pretty as it is tasty. Thank you for a fun and delicious dinner!! PS: love the bbq pics ;)

Bebe said...

Think the photography gene must have been passed onto Camp! What a great job!!
Sweet little buddies...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! We had so much fun with you guys! Can't wait to do it again.